Surviving A Divorce: How the Ordeal Impacts Seniors

Published: 22nd December 2009
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If there's one thing that most people would not like to deal with during their senior years, it is none other than asking "How do I survive a divorce?". However, it is a necessary 'evil' that you need to deal with if you think that you and your spouse are better off living separately during the rest of your years. Read on to find out how you can take that first step and learn how to survive divorce if you're already a senior, as well as other important things that you need to remember.

Taking the First Step: Understanding Divorce Decrees

The decision to divorce comes up either through a mutual decision or through the initiation of either the husband or the wife. Senior citizen or not, the first step you need to take when you are both sure that the legal separation is inevitable would be to understand divorce decrees. Understanding the process in-depth is as good a place to start as any so that you can learn how to survive divorce.

Basically, the courts will divide the responsibility for the debts that the couple shared over the years, and this is implemented through a divorce decree. For example, your spouse may be made responsible for paying the mortgage while you are left to legally take care of your auto loan. It is an important step at this point to learn how to manage shared accounts so that both of your finances will be in order prior to your legally parting of ways.

How to Survive Divorce If You're a Senior: Other Important Things to Remember

Learning how to survive divorce becomes even more crucial if you are already in your 60s and beyond. This is the age when both of you are most likely to be out of work for a number of years. Let's say that you are a 65-year old woman who is dependent on your husband's health insurance. If you file divorce papers, what will you be left to work with? As a senior, you are actually eligible for Medicare coverage - but it is a different case when you are below this age.

Other factors you need to consider when learning how to survive divorce during your senior years include your Social Security coverage, the relationship that you have with your grown-up children estate planning and retirement plans.

At the end of the day, settling a divorce case during your senior years may involve a lot of emotional and legal entanglements. However, if the settling process will make you live the rest of your life being more at peace with yourself, then it will be all worth it. Then you can say that you have had a successful divorce.

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